• If Orchard Valley could supply all of my ingredients – I would have an easy life!Mandy Smith, Premier Foods
  • Orchard Valley provide a good customer experience through knowledge of what we require as a business, and the product range offered. Iain Walker, Thomas Ridley Foodservice
  • Excellent service, fast response times, great support and a huge range of different products which reflects a very good understanding of the food industry.Lee Ritchie, CSM
  • OVF are reliable and prompt in their responses to any special requirements. All staff are friendly, helpful and pro-active. A pleasure to deal with.Lesley Jones, Park Cakes
  • Mark is good, responsive and cares about his role. He helps and must have a good level of resolve as we brief him far too often with short deadlines...Peter 'J' Broad, McCambridge Foods Ltd
  • As a wholesaler it’s key for us to deal with a supplier with an extensive range of products suitable for both our large and small customers.Jackie Tree, Bako Western
  • Charlotte always goes that extra mile to help whether it’s getting samples or sending specifications.Fiona Pinks, NPD Manager
  • With an open, friendly and flexible attitude, we found getting to know the OVF team, and learning to trust them as our “sales team in the field” incredibly easy and straightforward. Rob Whitehead, Confection by Design
  • OVF is a successful and reliable distribution partner and we very much appreciate the professional and personal relationship.Stefan Springer, Omnia Ingredients
  • Orchard Valley are the type of supplier that will ensure the account is constantly under review & deal with problems direct rather than having to wait for the Buyer to get involved.Mandy Smith, Premier
  • Working with Orchard Valley gave us the chance to be challenged in the UK market and to see the possibilities from a different perspective. Carsten Braumann, Herza Schokolade
  • Orchard Valley have gained a good level of insight into our business. Mark knows our tight deadlines and that we need to have specifications with the samples.Peter 'J' Broad, McCambridge Foods Ltd
  • Orchard Valley staff are really responsive and communicate in a down-to-earth and friendly style, even when the subject-matter is complex and technical.Brydie Watson, Dyke Ruscoe
  • A great, energetic team - feels like a family…Deniz Richard, Nordgetreide
  • Always able to meet demanding technical standards of all our customers. Fiona Pinks, NPD Manager
  • Cherry, Libby, Mark & Mike are part of our Herza team. It is a pleasure working with them on a daily basis and it has been a very enriching experience since we started our cooperation.Carsten Braumann, Herza
  • Orchard Valley are very clear on what and how they should be testing in order to make sure products are safe for consumption. Nicola Reid, Neogen Europe
  • I found OVF are especially useful for seasonal lines. I view OVF's contribution to my work as invaluable.Lee Ritchie, CSM
  • Trevor White keeps me very well informed when I have a query and always keeps to his word on emails. Jenny Shipton, Kerry Ingredients & Flavours (EMEA Region)
  • Mark is very good and professional - he ALWAYS answers my calls or phones back.Peter 'J' Broad, McCambridge Foods Ltd
  • I find the sales staff at Orchard Valley very pro-active. Phil Martin, Kitchen Range Foods
  • Fantastic service for samples; they arrive next day when we need them to - great service! Fiona Pinks, NPD Manager
  • I have been pleased with OV as a supplier, hence they are one of our Preferred suppliers. Cathy Gradon, Premier Foods
  • The OVF product range on offer, and which continues to grow, covers a broad spectrum of our customer base from Bakery to Ice cream manufacturers.John Griffin, Griffin Foods
  • On placing orders OVF always respond with an expected delivery date and will normally improve on that date.Phil Martin, Kitchen Range Foods
  • We appreciate the direct contact to the sales force and hence the short communication paths. This makes us efficient and competitive.Carsten Braumann, Herza Schokolade
  • Great team - whoever we speak to they are always friendly and really helpful. Fiona Pinks, NPD Manager
  • Orchard Valley are a valued supplier to Park Cakes, supplying us with various sprinkles and toppings. Orders are always delivered in a timely manner to a very high quality standard. Lesley Jones, Park Cakes
  • Orchard Valley staff communicate with us in an efficient and timely manner. Our main contacts Amy and John are always polite and friendly.Dominic Beck Johnson, Quintech Computer Systems
  • With POS, stunning artwork, technical backup, and a very accommodating service from all OVF staff, it’s been a pleasure to work together.Jackie Tree, Bako Western
  • Extensive product range, with many different applications.Fiona Pinks, NPD Manager
  • Orchard Valley is pro-active and consistent and I enjoy working with them. Nicola Reid, Neogen Europe
  • Mark Dutton sets a standard that lacks in your competitor set.Peter 'J' Broad, McCambridge Foods Ltd
  • We are very confident that OVF have made a very special effort to understand our business and how things are done here in Ireland.John Griffin, Griffin Foods

Orchard Valley Foods designs, develops and supplies confections, edible decorations and powder food ingredients to the food manufacturing, wholesale, dining and retail sectors. We work very closely with our customers, providing a highly valued level of product development support and innovative new product and application ideas.

For our confections ranges we supply a number of volume options from 1kg to 1tonne.  Our blending and packing lines facilitate a bespoke solution for customers across many formats and products.  Our powder ingredients offer unique functionality.

Whatever the part of our business, our combined experience provides a real understanding of the different channels we operate in, and the demands placed upon our customers. Product presentations, rapid sample provision, bespoke ingredient design and timely final development allow our customers to meet the dynamic demands of their own customers and markets.

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